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Panthera Pardus Energy Drink lands in Africa and Latin America

Just before the very hot weather comes Panthera Pardus Energy Drink lands in Africa and Latin America. It will sneak into the nights of those who never sleep and transform their lives into a constant celebration.

Also, for tireless workers who need to always be at their one hundred per cent and for athletes who want to break all records. Panthera Pardus Energy Drink arrives as a drink for the most daring, for those who want to taste the true power.

Currently, it can be found in Africa and Latin America, but it will soon begin to be distributed in other territories in Europe and Asia. This innovative launch strengthens us in a powerful and constantly growing market: energy drinks.

African energy drinks market size was worth 4.52 billion USD in 2021, and it is estimated to reach 5,4 billion by 2026. The Latin America Energy Drinks Market was worth USD 6.88 billion in 2021, and it should grow to USD 8.41 billion by 2026. But if we look at the global energy drinks market size worldwide, we are talking about 86.35 billion USD with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8,3 % from 2022 to 2030.

This is a new milestone for Compass of the World that opens a new production line and establishes itself in the production of energy drinks, incorporating Panthera Pardus Energy Drink permanently into its portfolio. The formats in which it is marketed are 33 and 50 cl aluminium cans.

Panthera Pardus Energy Drink: a drink for those who live to the fullest

Panthera Pardus Energy Drink reaches the market to the young public, who want to live to the fullest and without limitations. It is intended to celebrate a new generation of authentic people, young at heart and brave.

 Among the benefits provided by Panthera Pardus Energy Drink are:

 • Helps you increase vigilance

• Helps you increase concentration

• Helps you improve cognitive performance

• Helps you overcome tiredness and fatigue

Be Panthera, be unique

Panthera Pardus Energy Drink with its unique and exciting flavour is an energetic and sweet bet for a life that awaits many surprises. We promise to create the 'panthera effect' in our consumers so that they unleash their true power.

By the way, do you know why it is called Panthera Pardus Energy Drink is a genetic variation of the colour of the coat of leopards, which only affects 25% of these animals.

For this reason, a panther has the speed, strength and power of the leopard, but with a distinctive trait that makes it a unique animal and difficult to find. Just what we want our consumers to be able to achieve, what makes them unique through the energy boost that our drink gives now that the hot weather is coming.

 You already feel the power in you, right?





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