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The most powerful drink on earth

Energy drinks

Panthera Pardus Energy Drink

Open a cold can of Panthera Pardus, and feel your true power

Panthera Pardus Energy Drink is the best energy drink for those who want to live to the limit. Its unique, sweet and intense but smooth flavour together with the perfect combination of ingredients, improves concentration, and physical performance, and stimulates the metabolism. Join the ‘Panthera Effect’: the strength, power, and energy that your customers need to unleash their true potential. Specially designed for high-performance athletes, students, artists, musicians, partygoers, long-distance drivers, and high-demanding professionals.

Taste the power, you will feel it

Panthera Pardus Energy Drink


Energy drinks



Caffeine has been used for millennia. Many ancient civilisations used it seeking its stimulant effects. Consumption of caffeine enhances concentration and helps to stay on alert. It can be found in tea, coffee, kola nut and cocoa.


Taurine is an amino acid which is naturally generated by our body. Consuming taurine has many benefits such as its antioxidant properties and greater physical and mental performance

B2, B6, B12

The B group vitamins are micronutrients which are essential to keep the normal functions of the body working. The B6 and B12 vitamins have an essential role in the brain and help the adequate functioning of the nervous system.


Panthera Pardus is made with sugar which comes from the purest sugar beet.


The main ingredient of our bodies and Panthera Pardus energy drink, this is why we use the purest underground spring waters which come from the mountains

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