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The drink that beats the heat

Is it too hot for walking outside? We might have the solution for your customers. Lito Soft is so refreshing that makes you feel the hottest sunny day as if it was air-conditioned. The warmest day on Earth can’t beat Lito Soft's thirst-quenching power. It is our fresh, sweet, fruit-flavoured soft drink. Just the best refreshing drink to beat the heat available in multiple soda flavours: Cola, Orange, Fresh Up, Apple and Pinneaple

Refresh your day

Lito Soft





Lito Soft Orange tastes like the best oranges. It has the most amazing orange aromas, which give an explosive sweet fruity flavour

Fresh Up

Lito Soft Fresh Up is just made to make the heat go away on the warmest days, with the best lime/lemon aromas which give an amazing flavour.


Lito Soft Apple with the aroma of the best apples combines acid and sweet fruity flavour which tastes like paradise


Lito Soft Pinneaple feels like a holiday on the beach. It has a juicy and fruity sweet flavour of the best ripe pineapples.


Lito Soft Cola taste like the best cola and its sweet flavour is just perfect to enjoy anytime

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