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Red Dry 10,5 º

A family tradition of wine production

Castillo de Ferrer (Red Wine, Dry) is a ripe, bold and concentrated Tempranillo Spanish wine of 10,5º, which endures its elegance and finesse above any quality. An intense aroma which reveals its freshness. Castillo de Ferrer provides a powerful ripe fruit note, that maintains its perfect balance on the palate. Initial boldness reveals a charming solid structure and a long finish.


Red Semi Sweet 10,5 º

A family tradition of wine production

Castillo de Ferrer (Red Wine, Semi Sweet) is an intense, rich, well-balanced Tempranillo Spanish wine of 10,5 º. It offers the nose aromas of dark fruits and flowers. This full-bodied wine combines its characteristic freshness, with a complex and persisting floral note. Elegantly structured, Castillo de Ferrer, is complex and persistent with a long finish.

Castillo de Ferrer




Tempranillo Grape

The Tempranillo grape, also called Tempranilla, Tinta del País or Cencibel, among other names, is a variety of red grape widely cultivated to produce full-bodied red wines in Spain, where it originates from.

Calcareous clay aoil

The calcareous and clayey soils are fertile due to their richness in nutrients. Some of the best Spanish wines such as Barón de Rubí come from wine regions with this soil.

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